Best Group Restaurants in Cardiff

Cardiff is a bustling city, with a large number of restaurants and foodie pubs to choose from, but if you’re planning a group meal then you might need a few pointers in the right direction.

Whether you’re planning a stag, hen or birthday party, or you’re just looking for a group get-together before taking on one of the many Cardiff activities, our top ten best restaurants for groups in Cardiff should come in handy.

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Top 10 Restaurants for Groups in Cardiff:

Steak of the Art

Steak of the Art is an innovative restaurant in Cardiff that uniquely combines culinary delights with visual arts. This vibrant dining space showcases a gallery-like setting where patrons can enjoy their meals surrounded by inspiring artworks.

The menu primarily focuses on steaks, offering a range of cuts and preparations to cater to various preferences.

Alongside its steak offerings, the restaurant also serves a variety of other dishes, ensuring there's something for everyone. It's a fusion of art and gastronomy, providing a unique, multisensory dining experience.

Zero Degrees

Tucked down Westgate Street and opposite the Principality Stadium, this large, central Cardiff pizza and pasta restaurant also manages to pull its very own pints. It’s got an on-site brewery, which you can see in the huge vats that decorate the venue as you eat.

The ambiance is modern and vibrant, attracting a diverse clientele. Its standout feature is the open kitchen, allowing diners to watch their pizzas being prepared. Zero Degrees is also popular for its outdoor seating, offering a great view of the bustling city.

Viva Brazil

This meat feast haven is a great experience to try with tasty slivers of Brazilian steaks and skewers of chicken hearts being served at a rate of knots by the traditional passadores (Meat Carvers).

Experience the authentic Brazilian rodizio, where passadores rotate from table to table, slicing a variety of grilled meats directly onto diners' plates. The restaurant boasts a vast salad bar with a diverse array of sides and traditional Brazilian dishes.

The ambiance reflects the warmth of Brazilian culture, with colourful décor and lively music, making it ideal for both family dinners and social gatherings.

Wahaca Cardiff

Wahaca, located in the vibrant heart of Cardiff, brings a burst of Mexican flavour to the city's dining scene. Mexican cuisine and a huge, two-floor restaurant make Wahaca a great restaurant for groups.

The menu, inspired by the markets of Mexico, offers a variety of tacos, burritos, and freshly made guacamole, catering to both meat lovers and vegetarians.

Emphasizing sustainability, Wahaca uses locally sourced ingredients and eco-friendly practices. Its vibrant interior and friendly service make it a go-to spot for a casual yet memorable dining experience.

Revolucion de Cuba

It doesn’t get much more fun than Revolucion de Cuba, with its Cuban inspiration and relaxed environment. It’s got some incredible cocktails to try along with delicious sharing platters and nibbles.

As you might expect the restaurant offers an array of Latin-inspired dishes such as tacos, nachos and burritos which are always crowd pleasers for a big group of people!

The interior, adorned with colourful Cuban decor, sets the scene for a festive dining experience. Guests can enjoy live music and salsa dancing, making it a popular spot for both dining and entertainment.

Miller & Carter

It’s time to get serious about steak with Miller & Carter, which is situated in the Hayes right in the middle of town. It’s another large venue and it serves up some big-hitting steak dishes ordered to your taste.

Their menu boasts a wide range of choices, from classic steak cuts to innovative dishes, all prepared with a focus on flavour and quality. Of course, the establishment also offers a fine selection of wines and cocktails, to complement their exquisite meals.

Asador 44

Asador 44 in Cardiff is a distinguished restaurant known for its exceptional Spanish cuisine. Specializing in traditional Asador-style cooking, this establishment showcases a variety of grilled and roasted meats, a hallmark of Spanish culinary tradition.

The ambience is both elegant and welcoming, offering a warm dining experience. With a focus on high-quality, locally sourced ingredients, Asador 44 also boasts an impressive selection of wines, enhancing the overall dining experience. It's a go-to destination for those seeking authentic, flavoursome Spanish dishes in Cardiff.


Casanova is a celebrated restaurant located in Cardiff, known for its authentic Italian cuisine. This family-run establishment has earned a reputation for its warm ambiance and exceptional dishes.

Patrons are treated to a menu rich in traditional flavours, featuring fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Casanova's commitment to quality is evident in every dish, from handmade pastas to succulent meats and seafood.

This restaurant offers a genuine slice of Italy in the heart of Cardiff.

El Puerto

Getting off the beaten track and heading out to the Cardiff Bay barrage hideaway that is El Puerto is a good alternative to the delights of the city centre. It’s set within The Custom House overlooking the barrage, so it’s as close to the Atlantic Ocean as you’re going to get for a trip to Cardiff.

The Custom House, home to El Puerto and La Marina, serves the finest locally-sourced seasonal ingredients cooked and finished in the perfect Galician style from Northern Spain.

You'll find plenty of seafood on the menu as well as some meat and game options and a few dishes to cater for vegetarian palates.

The Custom House sits on the site of the former Penarth Head Inn, home in the 1700s to the notorious smugglers and Penarthian Pirate, Edward Edwards.

Pasture, Cardiff

The Pasture Restaurant in Cardiff stands out as a unique dining experience, offering a tantalizing fusion of local Welsh flavours with a contemporary twist.

Renowned for its commitment to sustainability and locally sourced ingredients, Pasture presents an array of dishes that showcase the best of Welsh produce.

The ambience is warm and inviting, making it an ideal spot for both casual and special occasions.

The menu, frequently updated to reflect seasonal availability, includes expertly prepared meats, fresh seafood, and innovative vegetarian options, catering to a diverse palate.

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