Cardiff Pubs - The Best Venues, The Liveliest Atmospheres 

Are you planning a night out? Got an amazing stag do or hen party planned? Simply want to know the best Cardiff pubs to drink and party in?  The great thing about Cardiff is it’s a cosmopolitan, vibrant city with oodles of nightlife.

Most of the pubs in Cardiff Bay and the rest of the city are within walking distance of each other, something that makes it the perfect location for pub crawls.

You’ll find traditional, modern and even slightly unusual pubs on the same street. There’s something for everyone here in the Welsh capital.  The really great news? There are nearly 300 licensed premises in and around Cardiff’s central square mile!

Here we take a closer look at the best pubs and bars, whether you’re planning a stag do or hen night or simply want an amazing pub crawl with friends or workmates.

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Stag & Hen Friendly Cardiff Pubs

Plenty of Cardiff pubs are open to hen and stag parties and, come Friday and Saturday night, you’ll find a plenty of premarital parties enjoying themselves a little too much. Here are just some you might like to try:

dead canary pub cocktails

The Dead Canary

We’ll start with something weird and wonderful. If you love your cocktails, this is the place to be with many of its concocted brews based on the poems of Dylan Thomas.

The speakeasy style bar offers amazing service and a moody atmosphere perfect for creating a great drinking den.

Celebrate your impending wedding day with a touch of class. It’s the kind of bar you have to try at least once.

Revolution Cardiff

If you want to start your hen or stag night with some great food, one of the pubs in Cardiff you’ll need to try is Revolution.

Bags of atmosphere and more than enough cocktails to get you in the mood, there’s also a vodka garden and clubroom to dance your heart away. The regular DJ sets and themed nights make it a popular spot for a dynamic night out.

revolution cardiff pub
gassys cardiff

Gassy's Cardiff

Gassy's Cardiff is the ultimate stag and hen do destination, providing an electric atmosphere in the heart of the city. It offers a wide selection of beers, ales, and spirits, ensuring there's something for everyone.

With its spacious interiors and live sports screenings, it's a great place to bond and cheer on your favourite teams. The pub also features live music, adding a lively soundtrack to your celebrations.

Gassy's relaxed yet vibrant vibe, combined with friendly staff and affordable prices, makes it an unbeatable choice particularly for a memorable stag do.

pubs in cardiff city centre

Cardiff City Centre Pub Crawls

There’s a reason why Cardiff is one of the best places for a pub crawl – there is a bar for everyone, whether you like cocktails, posh food, a good laugh or real ale.

The Canton Mile is often seen as a rite of passage for many pub crawlers in the local area and here are just a few of the establishments you should have on your list:

lansdowne cardiff canton mile pub

The Lansdowne

Many pubs in Cardiff city centre are new but there are a few iconic locations that can’t be missed out of any pub crawl.

The Lansdowne is traditional to its core with fayre to match, including great food.

It’s famous for its open mic nights and is a popular choice with locals.

Walkabout Cardiff

Walkabout in Cardiff is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, making it a top choice among bars. It's a slice of Australia in the heart of the city, known for its lively sports screenings, diverse crowd, and themed nights.

The bar offers a unique experience with its Aussie-inspired décor, extensive drink selection, and hearty pub grub. It's a popular social hub for both locals and tourists, providing an enjoyable and energetic environment ideal for a fun night out.

Wings & Bottomless Bevvies make it an ideal choice for a stag parties.

st cannas micro pub cardiff
cardiff city centre pubs brewhouse and kitchen

Brewhouse and Kitchen

If you’re searching for interesting pubs in Cardiff city centre, this is certainly one to visit.

It’s among a growing number of places that make their own craft beers and they’re well worth a little sampling. You can even tour the brewery if you book ahead to see how they make the beers and of course, try them out.

As one of Cardiff's best live music venues, with great food, cocktails and loads of brilliant drink packages, it's a stag party must visit! The drinks packages vary from spirits to prosecco, beer and cider and really help prevent all those queues when you're buying for a large group!


This really is the perfect name for a place if you are looking for Cardiff pubs that serve craft beer.

You probably know what you're getting if you've been to one of their venues before. They’ve got some 25 on tap at any one time and the place is popular with local beer enthusiasts as well as visitors from all around the UK and abroad.

Perfect for a stop on a pub crawl, don't miss this one off the list! There's always something interesting to stitch up the stag or hen with too!

cardiff pubs brewdog
tiny rebel pub cardiff city centre

Tiny Rebel

Popular with students and a younger crowd, this is another of the pubs in Cardiff that has a good selection of beers on tap.

As an award-winning Welsh brewery, that started as two guys in a garage before hitting the high street, it’s a must-visit if you like to support local, homegrown businesses.

There's a vibrant atmosphere and diverse beer selection and the spacious interior, with its quirky and colourful decor, creates a lively and welcoming environment.

cardiff bay pubs

Cardiff Bay Pub Crawls

There’s a reason why Cardiff is one of the best places for a pub crawl – there is a bar for everyone, whether you like cocktails, posh food, a good laugh or real ale.

The Canton Mile is often seen as a rights of passage for many pub crawlers in the local area and here are just a few of the establishments you should have on your list:

cosy club cardiff

Cosy Club Cardiff

The Cosy Club in Cardiff Bay, situated on the picturesque Mermaid Quay, offers a unique dining experience with its rustic fixtures and chic decor, including big leather sofas and mismatched furniture. This creates a relaxed yet stylish atmosphere​​.

The venue specialises in all-day dining, featuring a variety of options such as brunch, burgers, and a range of cocktails​​.

Adding to its charm is the stunning outdoor terrace and back bar, providing a perfect setting for dining by the water, whether it's for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner​​, the Cosy Club has something to offer.

The Dock

The Dock in Cardiff Bay stands out as one of the best bars in the area, its prime waterfront location offers stunning views of the bay, creating an ideal backdrop for any occasion.

The bars new and improved service boasts exciting world flavours and a diverse high-quality drink selection, catering to various tastes and preferences. Moreover, its vibrant atmosphere, combined with local live music events, makes it a popular destination for those looking for a great night out.

With live sport on big screens and happy hour everyday between 4 - 8pm, you'd be foolish not to visit.

the dock cardiff
cardiff bay pub eli jenkins

The Eli Jenkins

As Cardiff Bay pubs go you don’t get more elegant and niche than this.

Purveyor of craft beers, it’s a small but atmospheric place that attracts plenty of locals as well as those from outside the area.

Renowned for its wide selection of ales and beers, the pub caters to all tastes. The food menu features classic pub fare, expertly prepared, offering a taste of local cuisine. They also show a lot of live sports so head here for the big games!

The Club House

The Club House in Cardiff Bay is a vibrant, contemporary venue known for its lively atmosphere and scenic views. It offers a diverse menu featuring modern British cuisine, with a focus on locally-sourced ingredients.

The Club House bar Cardiff Bay, is renowned for its cocktails and craft beers, making it a popular spot for both dining and socialising. The interior is stylish and welcoming, with an emphasis on comfort and casual elegance. This establishment stands out as a go-to destination for groups seeking a memorable dining and social experience.

club house cardiff
pubs in cardiff

Cardiff Most Unusual Pubs

There’s plenty out of the ordinary when you visit pubs in Cardiff, ranging from the downright flamboyant to the experimental.

If you prefer more off the wall than traditional, you should certainly check out some of these bars.

head of steam cardiff

Head of Steam

The Head of Steam pub in Cardiff is a unique venue located in the heart of the city. It's known for its extensive selection of craft beers, ales, and ciders, sourced both locally and internationally.

The interior presents a warm and inviting atmosphere, combining traditional and contemporary styles. With its eclectic decor, vibrant ambience, and live music events, it's a hub for both locals and visitors. The Head of Steam offers a memorable experience for anyone seeking a distinctive pub atmosphere in Cardiff.

Lab 22

Lab 22 in Cardiff is a renowned cocktail bar known for its innovative and scientific approach to mixology. Emphasizing creativity and experimentation, the bar offers a unique drinking experience that combines elements of science and art.

The interior exudes a speakeasy vibe, with a cosy and intimate atmosphere. Their menu features a range of imaginative cocktails, each with a twist and presented with theatrical flair. Lab 22 has earned a reputation for its skilled bartenders and exceptional cocktails, making it a must-visit destination for cocktail enthusiasts.

lab cardiff cocktail pub
coyote ugly cardiff city centre

Coyote Ugly

Even if you’re not a fan of the film, this concept bar certainly has a lot to offer. This venue is renowned for its energetic bartenders, often dancing on the bar, which adds a cinematic thrill to the night. The blend of live music, vast selection of drinks, and vibrant party vibe make it an unforgettable destination.

Stag parties are drawn to its blend of entertainment, lively music, and fun-filled ambience and they offer dance classes for hen parties and other groups.

If you like pubs in Cardiff where dancing on the tables is a must, why not give Coyote Ugly a go?


Alcotraz Cardiff offers a unique pub experience, blending immersive theming with a vibrant atmosphere. Styled after the infamous prison, its interior resembles cell blocks and guard towers, complete with themed bars.

The menu features a diverse range of drinks and pub classics, adding to the novelty. Patrons often praise the engaging staff, dressed in costumes, who add to the atmosphere. Alcatraz Cardiff stands out for its innovative blend of entertainment and dining, providing a memorable experience beyond just a typical night out.

alcotraz cardiff
bootlegger cardiff

The Bootlegger Cardiff

The Bootlegger in Cardiff, a popular cocktail bar, exudes a vibrant, Prohibition-era vibe, transporting patrons back to the 1920s. You'll discover an imaginative cocktail menu, vintage decor and the most toe tapping music there is, often featuring jazz and swing tunes.

The atmosphere is further enhanced by the staff's attire, reminiscent of the period, adding to the immersive experience. It's a favoured destination for those seeking a unique night out, offering a blend of nostalgia, excellent drinks, and lively entertainment.

NQ64 Arcade Bar

NQ64 Cardiff is a unique bar experience located in the vibrant heart of Cardiff. This venue is best known for its retro gaming theme, combining nostalgia with modern nightlife. With an array of classic arcade games and consoles, it offers a trip down memory lane for gamers and enthusiasts alike.

The atmosphere is lively and eclectic, filled with the sounds of vintage games and contemporary music. Their drinks menu features creatively themed cocktails, adding to the immersive experience. It's a perfect blend of past and present, creating a fun and unforgettable night out.

bootlegger cardiff
Why Choose Cardiff for Your Night Out?

Head to the city and you’ll find a whole host of Cardiff pubs, live music and everything in between. You can drink and dance the night away to your heart’s content.

With hundreds of pubs to choose from, you’re sure to have a really spectacular and memorable night out!

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