Coyote Ugly Cardiff

Organising a Cardiff hen do can be pretty stressful, but living within easy striking distance of a crazy city like Cardiff made my job a lot easier – and the timing was ideal, thanks to the huge buzz around the opening of the UK’s first ever Coyote Ugly bar. After all, Coyote Ugly just happens to be one of our bride-to-be’s favourite films ever – so our Cardiff hen party plans were soon in motion! Lets dive in to my Coyote Ugly Cardiff Hen Do.

What is Welsh Games?

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Coyote Ugly - New York - London and Now Cardiff

The original Coyote Ugly Saloon opened its doors in New York way back in 1993, inspiring the 2000 cult film of the same name, but this brand new bar in Wales’ capital – rumoured to be twice the size of any other in Wales – is the latest launch from the famous American chain.

The building used to house the old Square Club, right in the heart of Cardiff, on St Mary Street – making it ideal for hens like us who are arriving by train into Cardiff Central, which thankfully (tottering along in heels…) is only a short walk away.

Coyote Ugly Cardiff

It's Not All About The Coyotes

The bar is pretty big with a rustic design and a capacity of about 900. The female staff, known as “Coyotes”, are super confident and full of energy: serving up drinks as well as singing, entertaining and dancing on the bar, giving the place a really great atmosphere.

They genuinely seem to be having a good time, so you’d have to be a real misery not to get sucked into the whole party spirit.

Coyote Ugly Cardiff

Your Last Night of Freedom? "Girl, You Could Be Dancin' On The Floor!"

If you’re organising a hen party you can book in to train up as a Coyote during the day, if you fancy strutting your stuff in front of a packed bar – because once night falls you are then called up onto the bar to test out your new-found moves.

In our case, I wasn’t sure the bride-to-be would fully appreciate being dragged in front of an audience, and us Maids of Honour have to remember that a successful hen party needs to deliver exactly what the hen is after.

Coyote Ugly Cardiff

Wild and Chaotic It Is

So I organised a booth for the evening to accommodate our whole party group, and we just enjoyed kicking back and watching the entertainment instead of providing it – although that’s not to say we didn’t create some carnage on the dance floor once we’d had a suitable number of shots.

From what we can remember collectively (which is foggy and fabulous in equal measures) we had a thoroughly great night out, and would definitely go back there for other celebrations.

Cardiff has always offered heaps of choice when it comes to great bars, clubs and music venues, but Coyote Ugly definitely brings an extra dose of fun to the capital. If you’re easily offended, this is not the place to spend your evening: quite a few people get soaked, lose a few items of clothing along the way, and behave in a raucous manner. Classy and quiet it is not.

Wild and chaotic it is – and if that’s your idea of fun, it delivers it in bucket loads. Hire yourself one of the 40 booths, tuck into some American barbecue food to thoroughly line your stomach, and then get stuck in to some serious drinking and dancin’!

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