Axe Throwing in Cardiff – The Best Cardiff Axe Throwing Venues

Lumberjack axe throwing began as a timbersport across cold climes such as Scandinavia and Canada where those working outside would compete to score the highest on wooden boards they threw tomahawks, knives and other axes into.

Today, this adrenaline-fuelled activity has caught on worldwide and there are now a myriad of leagues and tournaments specialising in different sizes, shapes and types of axes.

However, the nature of the sport means that this hasn’t always been the most accessible: but since hitting commercial interest in the 2010s, has blossomed in popularity as an experiential sport tried by those looking to do something a little unusual on stag parties, hen parties, birthday occasions and corporate team outings.

As a result, a variety of venues offer axe throwing in Cardiff and throughout the UK; most commonly in lumberjack axe throwing activity centres and purpose-built axe throwing bars for those seeking more of a party vibe than a sport one.

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Types of Axe Throwing in Cardiff

The types of board, axe and scoring system depends on the league and venue and what they available. In most places, you’ll find that caged lanes offer safe passage for axe throwing in enclosed metal spaces with either a wooden wall with painted target or circular-shaped wooden board at the end.

A line will be painted or marked on the floor and participants must stand either behind or on this line, not crossing it until the axe has been either dispatched to the floor or safely embedded in the board.

Usually, everyone in your group will be subject to a full safety briefing before tutelage begins on the technique of how best to throw, rotate and embed an axe into the target.

In most cases participants will be instructed that one full rotation of the axe in mid-air is preferable, but there may be the opportunity to learn double or even triple rotations as ‘trick shots’ if sufficient aptitude is shown. Participants may choose to then embark on a scoring competition to see who wins.

The Best Cardiff Axe Throwing Venues

While axe throwing bars in Cardiff and other cities tend to focus on the sport as an activity rather than anything formally competitive, there are lumberjack axe throwing venues that do host leagues and competitions.

The World Axe Throwing League (WATL) operates throughout the UK (although the Americans and Canadians tend to win the league annually!), as does the International Axe Throwing Federation (IATF), which hosts numerous competitions and events throughout Europe.

Top Cardiff Axe Throwing Venues

There are four main axe throwing Cardiff-based venues, including axe throwing bars and lumberjack axe throwing activity centres. Each has its own specialism and focus.

The Taff Valley Quad Bike and Activity Centre

Owned and operated by Adventure Wales who hosts a whole range of outdoor activities including quad biking, clay pigeon shooting, archery, gorge walking and assault courses.

Their axe throwing sessions focus on the ancient skills and techniques of the Vikings, with participants throwing genuine Norse axes as they learn.

All experiences start with a safety briefing before an initial training lessons and practice session under the tuition of a qualified expert.

Once everyone in the group is able to hit the target competently, scoring rounds are introduced based on the WATL points accumulation system, with some other games and challenges thrown in along the way.

Lumberjack axe throwing Cardiff sessions at the Taff Valley Quad Bike and Activity Centre can be held outside overlooking the valleys below or inside in a barn space, dependent on weather.

Sessions are suitable for anyone aged 10+ and lasts up to 90 mins. A minimum of 3 people must be booked on every session.

Boom Battle Bar Cardiff

Boom Battle Bar Cardiff caters for a whole variety of social experiences including axe throwing, karaoke, shuffleboard, electric darts, pool and crazy golf.

This axe throwing bar in Cardiff is an adult utopia: with pumping music, a plentiful cocktail menu and lots of hot snacks straight out of their kitchen to accompany you on an afternoon or evening out.

Boom Battle Bar offers 30 mins axe throwing sessions across 2 lanes, each of which can accommodate up to 8 people. Safety briefings are mandatory and waivers must be signed by all participants.

Boom Battle Bar Cardiff has a strict 18+ admittance policy and will only offer sessions to those who appear to be sober and of sound mind. Drinks may not be taken into the lanes but can be consumed after the session.

Lumber Jack Axe Throwing Cardiff

These are a Welsh chain of axe throwing centres with another site in Swansea. With sessions available for all experience levels and activity desires (want to learn or want to let off steam? They have you covered!), a safety briefing is given before a demonstration made and then lessons begin.

Once the instructor is happy with the progress of participants, games and score-making challenges can begin. Lumber Jack axe throwing sessions are primarily social and often have music playing and drinks flowing throughout (non-alcoholic for those throwing, of course).

Lumber Jack Axe Throwing Cardiff and Swansea both offer sessions for those aged 13+ with an accompanying adult. Bookings are recommended in advance.

Bushcraft Adventures

Bushcraft Adventures is situated in Bridgend and has taken over a vast private woodland with a range of outdoor activities including bushcraft and archery.

Supervised by expert instructors in beautiful surroundings, coaches teach participants to throw four different types of axe and guarantee that everyone will manage to ‘thunk’ the target by the end of the session.

The Bushcraft Adventures team tutor anyone aged 9+ and will tailor your lumberjack axe throwing Cardiff session to meet the needs based on the experience level of the participants.

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