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Easter in Cardiff & South Wales – Easter Egg Hunts & other Activities

Easter Cardiff
Easter Cardiff

The most egg-citing Easter egg hunts in Cardiff and South Wales

It’s Easter; school’s out and grown-ups are getting a long weekend off work. As well as being an occasion when eating chocolate for breakfast is acceptable, it’s the perfect opportunity for a family adventure.

We’ve searched Cardiff and South Wales to find some of the most egg-citing Easter egg hunts to keep the kids (and the big kids!) entertained through Easter weekend.

Top Easter egg hunts in Cardiff and South Wales

Insole Cout

Dinosaur Hunt, Insole Court

For an Easter egg hunt with a bit of a twist, Insole Court is the place to go. Instead of chocolate, you’ll be searching for dinosaur eggs and other clues that’ll lead you to some real-life, prehistoric beings (no, we’re not talking about Mum and Dad!).

Be careful though, we’ve been told they aren’t the biggest fans of chocolate and we’d hate for you to get eaten instead!

Tickets for the dinosaur hunt are available through Insole Court’s website.

Llancaiach Fawr Manor House

Llancaiach Fawr Manor

A short drive from Cardiff, Llancaiach Fawr Manor is a living museum that transports you back to Tudor Times. You’ll explore the house and gardens on their Easter egg hunt, searching for clues that lead to a tasty prize.

If you’re lucky, you might get some help from the undercook, dairy maid or maybe even the master of the house himself.

There are plenty of other activities on at the museum throughout Easter weekend too. Check their website to see what’s on.

Toddler Easter Egg Hunt, Jazzy Jungle

If you’re looking for Cardiff activities that are suitable for little ones, Jazzy Jungle have you covered; the soft-play centre is running an Easter egg hunt especially for toddlers on Easter Monday.

The ticket price also includes two hours of soft play, so they can go wild and keep exploring even after they’ve finished searching for Easter treats.

For accompanying explorers there’s a café on site for you to stop for a cup of tea in the middle of your rainforest ramble! That’s service you don’t get in the Amazon!

Egg Hunt Cardiff

Tredegar House, Newport

Tredegar House and Gardens’ Easter egg hunt is organised by Cadbury’s and the National Trust every year and is perfect for anyone who’s an aspiring Attenborough.

You’ll be searching high and low around the gardens to find hidden eggs and following clues to discover which creatures they belong to. Make sure you’re quick though, you’ll need to get them back before they hatch!

The hunt is on all weekend, starting on Good Friday and running through until Easter Monday.

Easter Wales

National Roman Legion Museum, Caerleon, Newport

Step back in time, solve the riddles and follow the trail around the ruins on this ancient Easter egg hunt in Caerleon. As well as being able to claim a prize after you’ve conquered the clues, you’ll also be able to learn more about the Romans and explore what life was like at this empire outpost.

There is a small ticket fee, but you don’t need to book in advance. Head to the museum shop to get started and remember to return afterwards to claim your prize!

Even if the kids have got their work cut out trying to find their eggs, you won’t have to hunt too hard to find something egg-citing to do in and around Cardiff this Easter weekend.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional Easter egg hunt or a trail with a twist, you’ll find something in the city that the whole family will enjoy and, if you’re lucky, will burn off some of that extra energy that comes with eating chocolate for breakfast!


The Ultimate Best Mans Guide to Organising a Stag Do

Best Man Guide
Best Man Guide

The Ultimate Best Man’s Guide to Organising a Stag Weekend

You knew it might be coming, you just didn’t know when.  So you your best mate has kindly asked you to be his Best Man for the wedding, and now expects you to arrange an all-guns-blazing stag do that will give him the time of his life on his last night of freedom.  No pressure then.

Fear not, our Ultimate Best Man’s Guide will help navigate your way through the mother of all to do lists and set you up for the greatest stag do known to man or beast.

Best Man Guide

Finding your feet

A good sit down session in the pub with the groom always makes a good start.  Try to glean as much information as possible.  What dates suit his availability and are a safe distance before the wedding (remember, eye brows need some time to grow back)? How long does he want to be away for?  What style of weekend is he expecting?  What sort of activities would he like to do?

You will also need to know who on the invite list are his best friends and must be accommodated to ensure attendance.  Therefore, it’s always best to find out two or three weekends you are both free to attend the stag.

Remember, you will always want to keep plenty up your sleeve for the weekend, so this is an information finding process only.  It’s always a lot more fun to keep the destination secret, but this may not suit him so find out his expectations during the chat.

You will also need a full invite list (with email addresses and phone numbers).

Who’s coming then?

It’s now time to fire off an email to find out who is available and willing to attend.  You need some firm commitment from the group to make things easier for the organisation that will come later, so you may want to consider your wording to ensure you do not receive too many “maybe” responses.  It may be worth offering two or three dates and going with the majority.

Best Man Guide

Time constraints, Budget & Destination

You will need to consider the group’s likely budget and time constraints.  There’s no point in organising a week-long trip to Vegas if only 4 from 20 people sign up.  So it may be worth proposing a first option and see who is keen to attend, before then re-evaluating if necessary.

But whatever you do, don’t give the group too many options or you’ll get just as many wide ranging opinions in reply.  Many people who have organised these things before will tell you: keep it simple!

When considering destination, always think of logistics for each attendee.  You won’t be a popular man if a large number of the stag’s mates cannot attend because they are too far from the proposed destination.


Once you’ve decided on your destination, it’s now time to organise some suitable accommodation.  You might want to consider hotels, cottages, glamping, camping.  Hotels are often the easiest option.

If people drop out over the coming months then it’s a lot easier to reduce the number of hotel rooms than to ask the whole group to contribute more towards a 14 bed cottage when only 10 can attend come final payment.

Best Man Guide


Once you’ve nailed the destination and accommodation, it now time to turn your attention to a Saturday activity.  The expectation on most stag weekends is to take part in some form of fun filled activity.

It’s important to consider an activity that is likely to appeal to most people, and to do something that people have not done before.  Paintballing is good fun, but may be a bit dull if 80% of your group have already done it on another stag do.  So be original and you’ll make it a weekend to remember.


To take the pressure off, you may want to organise the entire weekend as a package through another company.   The benefits of booking a package are plentiful when you think of all these inclusions:

  • Allocation on hotels meaning instant confirmation upon booking
  • Individual payment system – this means that you don’t need to collect money from the group, they just pay their share directly saving you all that annoying chasing
  • VIP nightclub entry
  • Lap dance club entry
  • Additional activities – add on a second activity you may not have thought of yourself
  • Private dining
  • Restaurants suitable to groups
  • VIP Casino entry
  • Only a £50 deposit to pay initially
Best Man Guide

Final Thoughts

So just to recap, here is your Best Man’s Stag Weekend to do list.  Don’t be too overwhelmed by being the Best Man, after all it’s a real honour of the lasting friendship you’ve made!


To Do List


  • Speak to the Stag and find out who he wants to attend, what he expects from the stag weekend and potential dates.
  • Find out how many people will be on the stag do and their level of commitment
  • Decide on a destination based on time restraints, budget and logistics
  • Ensure everything is booked for the stag do from, accommodation to activities. Book as a package through an outside company if you’re short on time and want to take the pressure off yourself.  Try and do this as early on as possible to get the best deals and availability
  • Look after the stag over the course of the weekend – remember you’ll have the Bride to answer to if you really mess things up!
  • Enjoy your best mate’s last night of freedom!