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Cardiff Nightclubs Guide – Cardiff’s top 10 banging nightclubs

Cardiff Nightclubs
Cardiff Nightclubs

Cardiff nightclub guide

Nightlife in Cardiff has always been one of the city’s best features and with a whole host of new venues, there are plenty of Cardiff nightclubs to choose from for a stag or hen weekend.

Cardiff also has a brilliant sense of being big on atmosphere but tight-knit in scale, so you don’t really need to go very far to find somewhere you like. To give you a starting point, here’s our pick of the best nightclubs in Cardiff for either a stag do or hen party.

You can also find out more about our Cardiff stag weekend and Cardiff hen weekend packages to add in some fun activities to all of the excitement.

Top 10 stag & hen nightclubs in Cardiff:

cardiff nightclubs


This is a very popular choice for both stag and hen weekends in Cardiff and while it isn’t huge, it’s got more than enough room for most groups.

It dubs itself “the home of the 90s”, so you can expect the dance floor to be dedicated to all of the old school hits ranging from Britpop to the Spice Girls. The nostalgia-fuelled venue has a decent bar and packs in a lot of fun. You can find it on Mill Lane, towards the back end of town, across the way from The Marriott Hotel.


Taking things up a notch in terms of size and scale, there’s Prysm on Greyfriars Rd, opposite the New Theatre.

It’s a massive Cardiff nightclub complex that includes 7 themed rooms, so you can hop between Tahiti and New York throughout the night. It’s also got two CO2 jets to cool off under and more dance floor options than you’ll know what to do with.

cardiff nightclubs


One of the largest of the Cardiff nightclubs is Revolution, which is located opposite the castle. Stylish and plush, there’s a lot of space to move around in with ample bars and dance floors.

It doesn’t go in for the themed approach so much, but it still manages to make a big impact on a night. It’s very proud of its handcrafted cocktails and range of party music, but its popularity can result in a queue on big nights, so it might be worth calling in advance to find out about its queue jump packages.


Popworld is yet another popular venue for stag and hen weekends with its dedication to pop music and style.

It’s focused on delivering fun nights with little in the way of fuss, and with a different theme every night of the week, it’s big on variety. You can find it halfway down St Mary’s St in the middle of town.


Walkabout ticks a lot of boxes for stags and hens with its laid-back Aussie charm and vast space, and probably one of the more popular Stag & Hen friendly of all Cardiff nightclubs. It has 2-4-1 cocktails until 7pm on a Friday night and a Bondi Beats night on Saturdays.

There’s a large dance floor downstairs and a whole lot of bar space to refuel at. It’s located at the bottom of St Mary’s St, just around the corner from the Central Station.

cardiff nightclubs


This is more of an intimate club, so works well for smaller stag and hen parties. You can arrange to be put on the guest list and book a table for your party to give the stag or hen the VIP treatment.

It’s got a nice selection of drinks with a lot of fizz and cocktails to choose from, as well as a fair few lagers and beers. It’s situated on Mill Lane just down from Retros


This is one of Cardiff’s most unique party experiences with its showbar setup. It specialises in hen parties and stag dos, putting on drag queen and cabaret acts to entertain the audience.

There’s even a Girls Night Out night dedicated to hen dos. It’s tucked away behind St David’s shopping centre, so it can take a little hunting down. Head down Hill Street and you’ll find it opposite Debenhams.

Revolucion de Cuba

If you’re looking for something with a lot of Latin spirit and brilliantly outlandish cocktails then Cardiff’s Revolucion de Cuba is well worth putting on the list.

It may not appear to be all that well set up for parties during the day, but in the night it opens out into a Samba club with live Latin music and maracas for everyone. It’s a good-sized venue with a lot of space and quick bar service, and it’s located on The Friary, just opposite The Hilton Hotel, one of the more cosmopolitan of Cardiff nightclubs.

cardiff nightclubs

Tiger Tiger

Like Prysm, this is more of a nightclub complex with a number of themed bars and a lot of disco space. It’s got its own Karaoke room, so you can throw in some of your own entertainment into the mix too.

There are plenty of bars, good seating space and the Tiki bar is well worth checking out. It’s close to Revolucion de Cuba, just around the corner on Greyfriars Rd.

cardiff nightclubs


Finally, there’s Glam, which is a lot less Ziggy Stardust and the Spider From Mars than it sounds. It’s split into two levels with a rooftop area to boot, defiantly one of our favourite of the Cardiff nightclubs on offer.

There are weekly house and dance nights and guest DJs are added to the bill on a regular basis. It’s also on Greyfriars Rd, next door to Prysm.

Some more reading

So that wraps up our top 10 nightclubs, for some more reading and listings of up and coming events, Skiddle is a great website that features up to date club listings and events in the city.


Best Cardiff breakfasts guide

Cardiff Breakfast
Cardiff Breakfast

Cardiff breakfast guide

When it comes to a hen do or stag weekend, the most important meal is definitely the breakfast, and a good old hearty Cardiff breakfast is luckily easy to find, there are a lot of options to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect greasy spoon café, a comfortable place to recuperate or something a bit fancy, our list of the six best Cardiff breakfasts for a stag or hen do has got you covered, so you can focus on the carnage of the night.

Top six breakfasts for a stag or hen weekend in Cardiff

Ramon’s Café

A Cardiff stag weekend wouldn’t be complete without at least one greasy spoon Cardiff breakfast and it doesn’t get much better than Ramon’s Café.

It’s based in Cathays, which is a short walk from the centre and it does one colossal Mega Breakfast, which makes for a hefty recovery meal. It’s not a huge café, so space might be an issue for larger parties, but if you can make it over and get enough seats, the portions are epic.

Obviously, a big meal isn’t always a great meal, but in this case it most definitely is. The little round fried chips are a work of genius and they sit very well alongside the big-hitting sausage, eggs, hash browns, bacon, beans, tomatoes, toast, black pudding and mushrooms. Throw in some builders’ tea and good cheer and you’ve got Ramon’s.

Cardiff Breakfast

The Grazing Shed

If you’re looking for a faster Cardiff breakfast, because you’ve got an activity planned, then The Grazing Shed is an excellent alternative.

It’s mostly known for the quality of its burgers, but it has also taken the same dedication to great ingredients to deliver its breakfasts.

You can get a full English in a roll or served in a waffle, so it’s pretty heavyweight. It’s got a number of waffle options to choose from, if you’re looking for something to soak up the previous night’s efforts.

However, there are slightly healthier yoghurt and fruit compote options if you want something a little less meaty.

Cardiff Breakfast


At the other end of the spectrum is Bill’s, located right in the middle of the city, opposite the St David’s shopping centre on The Hayes. It’s not great for large parties, unless you’re happy to be spread over a number of tables, but it does have a delicious breakfast menu.

A Cardiff hen weekend is well setup with a breakfast at Bill’s, with its relaxing atmosphere, friendly staff and good variety of food. It does a fancy traditional breakfast with Cumberland sausage and pesto roasted plum tomatoes.

You can also opt for a veggie alternative, coconut porridge, buttermilk pancakes, avocado on toast or a variety of egg options, so it covers a lot of different tastes.

Chapter Arts Centre

If you’ve got a big party and you want everyone to be on the same table then a short trip out to Chapter Arts Centre is a good option. It’s based in Canton, so not too far outside the city centre, and has large benches that can accommodate pretty much any size group.

The full breakfasts are pretty tasty, but a bit more wholesome than their greasy spoon alternatives.

There are also plenty of continental pastries to go for, along with porridge, American-style pancakes, eggs how you like them, toast and jam and bacon sarnies.

Cardiff Breakfast

The Cosy Club

The name says it all. This is where you go if you want a Cardiff breakfast that feels like you’ve got a little bit of your living room with you for the ride.

It’s got a fair few sofas, as well as the main restaurant tables to choose from, so if you just want to wallow in comfort while stocking up on nutrients then this is a good shout. It’s also got some pretty big tables for larger groups.

The menu is brunch-style, but it has both a traditional and veggie breakfast as standard. It also serves avocado and egg on toast if you’re looking for a health-kick refuel, along with granola, triple-stacked buttermilk pancakes and a classic sausage sandwich.

Cardiff Breakfast

Coffee Barker

Okay, so it may sound like a trendy coffee shop, and to some extent it sort of is, but it also does a mean brekkie. It’s located in the Castle Arcade, and it’s pretty big inside with a lot of comfy seats to wallow in.

Food ranges from breakfast sandwiches to banana and honey porridge. They also do some fancier options including eggs benedict, or can always go for one of the seriously mental doughnut and Oreo milkshakes for a major injection of sugar.